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12th August 2019
New research led by Oxford University and Queen Mary University of London has resolved a pig paradox. Archaeological evidence has shown that pigs were domesticated in the Near East and as such, modern pigs should resemble Near Eastern wild boar. They do not. Instead, the genetic signatures of modern European domestic pigs resemble European wild boar. Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, the study shows how this has happened.

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19th January 2016
An article on our big dog project and the team is now out in the New York Times as of yesterday. Please check out the full article here.
10th November 2015
Our group has a new review paper out about pigs through time in "The Annual Review of Animal Biosciences".
2nd November 2015
Our team has another stellar piece of research work out in Biology Letters, the press release for which is below.
7th September 2015
We have a new paper out in Nature Genetics about pig domestication entitled: "Evidence of long-term gene flow and selection during domestication from analyses of Eurasian wild and domestic pig genomes".
7th September 2015
Here Greger demonstrates how he's the man that knows more about Pearl Jam than Pearl Jam does.
24th August 2015
Watch Greger present to an audience at the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.
15th July 2015
Watch Greger present to an audience at the Palaeontology Institute and Museum, at the University of Zürich.
1st July 2015
Greger talks to OU today about his research and a talk he later gave called "Mutts and the Melting Pot: Gene Flow in Domestication and Human Evolution."
25th June 2015
Greger talks to the Santa Barbara Symposium on Human Origins II on the subject of "Bodies in Motion: Understanding the relation between Migration and Hybridization."
22nd May 2015
Watch Dr Greger Larson and Dr Ardern Hulme-Beaman discuss dog domestication in a video from Science Magazine.